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2018. Human Rights: Moral or Political? - Oxford University Press (Paperback, 2020).



ms. Inducing Wonder

ms. Visions of Human Rights [with Jiewuh Song]

ms. Anger and Remorse.

ms. On Falling Short.

ms. The Lure of Minimalism.

2022. Wiggins on Ethical Objectivity and 'Des Cannibales' - Philosophy

2020. What's So Special About Human Dignity? - Philosophy & Public Affairs.

2020. Dignity in "the Streets": A Comment on Gilabert - Journal of Global Ethics.

2020. On "Aristocratic" Dignity - European Journal of Political Theory.

2018. Conversation - New Literary History.

2017. Some Myths About Ethnocentrism - Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

2014. On Shareable Reasons: A Comment on Forst - Journal of Social Philosophy.

2013. Human Rights, Claimability, and the Uses of Abstraction - Utilitas.

2012. Political and Naturalistic Conceptions of Human Rights: A False Polemic? (with S. Matthew Liao) - The Journal of Moral Philosophy.

2008. Aboriginal Oral History Evidence and Canadian Law - Central European Journal of Canadian Studies.


2018. How High to Dream? - The Times Literary Supplement.

2017. Is a Life Without Struggle Worth Living? - The New York Times.

2017. Book Review: Reframing the Intercultural Dialogue on Human Rights: A Philosophical Approach, by Jeffrey Flynn - Political Theory.

2013. Of Cannibals, Kings, and Culture: The Problem of Ethnocentricity - The New York Times [Reprinted in Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments & Modern Ethics in 77 Arguments (W.W. Norton & Co.)]

2012. A Rights-Based Utopia? - Human Rights Quarterly [Response by Samuel Moyn].

2012. 100 Days of Student Protests in Québec: Printemps Érable or Much Ado about Nothing? (with Carlos Fraenkel) - Dissent.

2010. To Be or Not to Be? Charles Beitz on the Philosophy of Human Rights - Res Publica.

2010. Cosmopolitanism: Cultural, Moral, and Political - Sovereign Justice: Global Justice in a World of Nations (de Gruyter: New York).