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Some Activities


Upcoming Talk - April 30th, 3-5pm: "Anger & Remorse" at the 2023-2024 Dworkin Colloquium, at UCL's Institute for Law, Politics and Philosophy

Translation - My public essay on John Stuart Mill's famous "mental crisis," entitled "Is a Life Without Struggle Worth Living," was translated into Arabic by Tarif Alsulaiti for the Saudi Philosophy Association (Link).

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Jim Nickel and I have edited the "Human Rights" entry in the SEP. The edit will be published soon.



Worskhop - June 16th & 17th: Together with Daniela Dover and Jonathan Gingerich, I am organizing the Humanistic Ethics in the UK workshop, at King's College London. I am also speaking at the event. Full details here.



Publication - "Wiggins on Ethical Objectivity and 'Des Cannibales'" in Philosophy, Vol. 97. Special Issue on the philosophy of David Wiggins edited by Maria Alvarez and Bill Brewer.

Conference - "Epistemic Breakthroughs" (St Andrews, June 24-25 2022).

Teaching Award - 'Outstanding Innovation in Teaching' for First Contact.

Podcast Guest - For The Dignity Initiative. Hosts: Dr. Suparna Choudhury and Courtney Kirkby.



Online Roundtable Discussion - "What's Wrong with Rights?" with Yoriko Otomo, Lyndsey Stonebridge, and Danielle Sands - The Forum for Philosophy. October 26th, 2021.



Talk - "Visions of Human Rights" - MANCEPT (September 8th).

Interview - of Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill)

Talk - "Anger & Remorse" - Eastern APA (January 8th, Philadelphia). Co-panelists: Jesse Tomalty (Bergen), Ashini Vasanthakumar (Queens). Also presented at: The Philosophy Society (January 27th, St Andrews).




Visiting Fellow - NYU Center for Bioethics (August to November, New York City). As a visiting fellow at NYU during autumn term, I will be working on new research.

Talk - "The Lure of Minimalism" - Eastern APA (January 8th, New York City). Co-panelists: S. Matthew Liao (NYU), Jiewuh Song (Seoul), and Julio Montero (Buenos Aires). I also presented this work at the UK Latin America Political Philosophy Network meeting in London, at UCL, on April 27th LINK, and at the Center for Global Ethics and Politics, CUNY Graduate Center, on September 17th.




Book Launch - YTL Center, KCL (May 31st, London). A launch event for my book, Human Rights: Moral or Political? (OUP, 2018). Panelists: Anna Neistat (Amnesty International), Gerald Neuman (Harvard), and Baroness Onora O'Neill (Cambridge). LINK

Erasmus Teaching Fellow - Paris 1 (March 17th to 29th, Paris). I visited the Department of Philosophy at l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne as an Erasmus Teaching Fellow. LINK

AHRC Fellow - Institute for Politics (March 6th to 8th, London). I participated in an AHRC fellowship training course, "Engaging With Government". LINK

Talk - "On Disrupting Ethnocentrism" (February 28th, Sheffield). I gave a new talk as part of a seminar series on ethnocentrism, organized by Alasdair Cochrane.

Interview - Legal-Phi. I was interviewed by Lucas Miotto (Edinburgh) for Legal-Phi, which publishes conversations with moral and legal philosophers. INTERVIEW



Talk - "Moral Minima" - Northwestern University (October 13-14, Chicago) @ How Demanding are Human Rights?, organized by Cristina Lafont. LINK

Talk - "On Falling Short" - NYU Center for Bioethics (October 6, New York LINK). I presented a new paper on the acceptance of moral failure at NYU and at The Ethics of Giving (May 23, St Andrews LINK), organized by Theron Pummer.


Assistant Directorship - CEPPA: Beginning in September, I became the Assistant Director of CEPPA - The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs at the University of St Andrews. I will be working with Theron Pummer (Director).

Talk - "What's So Special About Human Dignity?" - Groningen (March 6). This talk explores the nature of human dignity. Organized by Andreas Schmidt. LINK



Talk - "On Being Faithful to the 'Practice' of Human Rights: A Response to Nickel" - University of St Andrews (September 26th, St Andrews). James W. Nickel and I presented our chapter-response exchange that appears in, Human Rights: Moral or Political? (OUP, 2018). Organized by Elizabeth Ashford. LINK

Author Interview - A Conversation with Larissa MacFarquhar - University of Chicago (May 10th, Chicago). This was a public interview with MacFarquhar, a staff writer at the New Yorker, about her book, Strangers Drowning. LINK



Talk - "Some Myths About Ethnocentrism" - University of Chicago (October 15th, Chicago). A presentation at the Social Theory Workshop.

Workshop - Human Rights & Human Dignity - University of Chicago (May 29th, Chicago). Co-organized a workshop with Pablo Gilabert (Concordia). Co-participants: Tom Christiano, Cristina Lafont, James W. Nickel, Laura Valentini, Suzy Kilmister, Robert Simpson, Ben Laurence, David Holiday. LINK

New APA Society - Society for the Philosophy of Human Rights: In 2015, I founded the Society for the Philosophy of Human Rights, which organizes panels at meetings of the American Philosophical Association. If you are interested in more news about our events, or in joining the society, feel free to contact me.



Talk - "Comment on Rainter Forst's 'Toleration and Democracy'" - CUNY Graduate Center (November 14th, New York). A response to Rainer Forst, at the 2012-2013 Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series, Democratic Citizenship and the Recognition of Cultural Differences. Organized by Carol C. Gould.