Adam Etinson

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I am a Lecturer in the School of Philosophical, Anthropological, and Film Studies at the University of St Andrews.

I work on a range of topics in moral and political philosophy. A core focus of my research is the philosophy of human rights. I recently edited a book in this area (link). Alongside this, my work explores questions about bias (ethnocentrism), human dignity, and moral failure. Most recently, I have begun writing about dialogue across deep ideological divides, and about the communicative roots of the desire for retribution.

I sometimes write for more popular audiences. My writing has appeared in venues that include The New York Times, and Dissent.

In 2017, I became the Assistant Director of CEPPA - the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs at the University of St Andrews.

Here is a copy of my CV. For a recent interview, click here.